Born in 2001, Jonas has been working on animated film projects since the second grade. Beginning with Windows Movie Maker animations of his Microsoft Paint drawings, he soon went on to use the open-source program Blender to create his 3D worlds, learning it all by himself as he went along. A student at a Leipzig school, Jonas has continued to build on this and translate new ideas into film realities using different techniques. His various film awards have been a further encouragement and confirmation of his abilities.

Happy Easter

Santa plays a video game

Road Movie - sneak peek


Faucets have feelings

Why diving is not a Winter Olympic sport

Sneak peek Mr. Carrigan

Wing Flap

Desktop robot


Otto's Adventures


This is the Santa Claus character I used for my Christmas film


Santa Claus plays a video game

This is santa's underground grotto at the North Pole

BlueBird 90, the most high end computer of the 80s :)

These are the characters for my up coming film

This is the frog from my new short film in the forest

Snow-Digger the most popular video game for the BlueBird 90, for my Christmas film

Say hello to Mr. Carrigan and his best friend, Fred the Penguin

Mr. Carrigan's ride!

Woof Woof!

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- WingFlap -


- Otto's Adventures -


- Kunst? -


- Desktop Robot -


- Otto's Adventures -


- Otto's Adventures -